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The following links are a small sampling of student produced work.

Interview with Mrs. Mueller

CareMobile Story

  Vitamin C Titration

eclypse later
grown crystal
Salt Turtle
atmosphere forzen in ice
solar still
thermal expansion
measure thermal microscope
Screw BeforeScrew Later

2016 Vitamin C Titration Experiment

Egg Drop 1
egg drop 2

Mixing solution
This photo shows mixing iodine
and starch flour for vitamin C Titration
Orange Juice
In this photo orange juice is being added
to the iodine and starch solution
Hi C
In this photo you can see 20 drops of Hi C
 mixed into the titration solution.
Turned color
This photo shows 11 drops of orange juice mixed with the titration solution.  It is lighter because the vitamin C in the orange juice is
reacting with the iodine.
This chart shows all the experiments we conducted. 
The numbers are how many drops of each that we put in to change the color of the titration solution. 

Sparkling ICE Never changed color dispite adding hundreds of drops. 
we left Sparking ICE at 0 so the chart would show the other results. 

Copper sulfate grown produced  by the process of   Electrochemistry
cat range Same Copper sulfate crystal
ferro fluid
 I mixed oil with toner to make ferrofluid.
sound movement
This is a mixture of cornstarch and water on a speaker.
The mixture is reacting to the sound movement
This is the
speaker we used for our project.
I added toner to the the water which then reacted with the movement of from the speaker.
toner 2
The toner is slowly mixing in with the water and is creating patterns from the movement from the speaker.
The toner mixed in with the water and is creating patterns from the movement of the speaker.
sound movement
The movement of the speaker is causing the mixture to create patterns and
bounces to the bass.

This mixture is made of corn starch and water. 


First I designed the platform on paper.  I had Mr. A. cut out the pieces of wood.

This is the 7th generation of the catapults. 

The earlier versions had problems. 




I placed a long sheet rock screw to act as an axle for the arm then I cut one Ping-Pong ball in half and put a hole through it so the arm would stay in place.   This made the arm not rub against the supporting structure.

I put Styrofoam and tape on the sides so the sharp screw would not harm anyone. 


The biggest problem was that the catapult was no barrier to stop the arm from hitting the table It also just kept on flinging objects strait at the table.


Then I added a barrier across the top but it still flung the projectile into the ground

Then I added a roll of tape to stop the arm from flinging to far and smashing objects into the table.

Then I had to add bread ties to prevent the catapult from flying off the table.  The bread ties kept breaking so the catapult would fly off the table. 


I also added a second screw on the arm so the rubber bands would make a stronger grip because they were stretched further.  This made it go faster. 


Then I drilled holes and added screws so the catapult would not fly apart

This chart shows the measuring in inches of the distance objects traveled across the room.


I plan to make this catapult a part of my robot that will run with motors.


Fantasy Story By Rebecca: 

Arianna’s Journeys
Chapter 1: The Horrible Incident
One fall day, an irresponsible teacher left the door open and a KILLER WASP came in the room and everybody thought they were going to get paralyzed and die but then a very brave girl named ARIANNA captured the KILLER WASP and saved all of us. ‘YAY ARIANNA SAVED ALL OF US!’ Arianna smiled as we all celebrated with a big feast. After, the feast was finished Brayvon insulted Arianna’s dog then another KILLER WASP came in the room.  Arianna hated all of us because we insulted her sidekick dog so everybody except Arianna got paralyzed and died………… but what happened to Arianna?

One Week Later Arianna had
to fight a mysterious beast that said “puppy monkey baby” over and over. So because of that, Arianna tried to defeat the PUPPY MONKEY BABY but it's loud voice defeated her and she went deaf. Then Arianna went along her journey as a deaf girl.

Chapter 3: Battle of the swarm

Then, Arianna walked into some mysterious woods. As she was walking into the woods she saw a wasp! Instead of one wasp she saw a whole SWARM OF WASPS! She started running, but she wasn’t fast enough! OH NO, the swarm trapped her! Now what happened?

Chapter 4: The Amazing Toby

Who’s that?! As soon as Arianna looked into woods. She saw her amazing sidekick. . . TOBY!! Toby pulled Arianna out of the swarm. Toby barked as the swarm of wasps came after them. As soon as they started running, Toby shot lasers out of his eyes. Arianna and Toby defeated all the creatures and monsters. Then, Arianna got some Infinity Stones, She got the Mind Stone, Time Stone, Reality Stone, Space Stone, and the Soul Stone. She undid everything Thanos did, and we all came back to life.

The End?

The Person Who Once Lived As A Rat                  

                     (rat perspective)

                  FYI TRUE STORY





This is a story about a girl named Arianna. She used to throw out her old, moldy, and rotten food in the TALL GRASS. I LOVED IT. I would also eat all of her RUSTY SPOONS. I got so much iron in me I suddenly turned into A HUMAN.


Once Upon a time there was a rat. . . and that rat was me. One day I was traveling through the TALL GRASS and a mysterious girl named. . . I didn’t know her name at the time then, she KIDNAPPED ME and I almost DIED in the process. I felt her COLD hands choking me so I tried to BITE HER! So she took me to what I think was her house. I didn’t exactly know where I was. There was a PINK FLASH in my memory as a rat. The Next Day, I was in a STICKY RAT TRAP but  that day a kind girl saved me. She pulled me off of the RAT TRAP and put me outside . . . but then there was a CREEPY DOG that started to chase me but she lost me when I went into the TALL GRASS. Then I went into a random house and found the kind girl that saved me. She said, ” I’ll name you Rebecca Lyn Lea Rides Horse.” I lived outside in the tall grass. One day, I heard her mom and her dad talking to her. I found out the girl's name was Arianna.

     Chapter 2: The Metamorphosis

The Next Day I was sleeping. Then I suddenly turned into a HUMAN! It was kind of difficult to walk, but I still managed to walk. I already had clothes on, so I went to get some breakfast. Arianna’s parents saw me! I was so scared! I hurried up and ran to Arianna’s room! Arianna’s 1 year old sister saw me. Her name is Rosemond. She was soooo CREEPY because she had BIG EYES! I got used to it though. It was funny because she calls me “BUGGA.” It’s really funny! The first time she said it Arianna and I laughed really hard!!!! We laughed so hard we almost cried!!!!!!!  

       Chapter 3: Da Experiment
The Next Day, I fell off the stairs and there was a big *THUD*. Arianna heard the *THUD*, woke up, and ran to me and helped me up while we both started laughing. We went to get breakfast. After that we played outside. It was getting dark. Arianna and I were walking back to her house. We saw a  FROG TRANSFIGURED INTO A BIRD! It was SO WEIRD! We ran back to Arianna’s house really fast because we got creeped out!

Arianna and I forgot all about the frog that was transfigured into a bird because we suddenly had amnesia, but then we remembered our life story.

         The Person Who Once Was A Rat!

              ( FYI TRUE STORY)

In the past I lived on the rez A.K.A Maple  Planes Reservation. Whenever we had old food all we did was scrape the old, moldy, and rotten food out into the backyard which had really tall grass. When you walk into the backyards from your waist down to your feet your  feet would …… DISAPPEAR! When I say really tall I mean REALLY tall was sooo tall when you walked in the backyards But there was this one spot that had no grass at all. It died from all of the old, moldy, and rotten food that we had just scraped off our plates. We were too grossed out to even keep our spoons. We would fear that if we tried to wash them off they would NEVER come clean. How did we know? We tried a few times and the …the… the.. the I don’t even know what it was but it didn’t come off so . . . we just threw the spoons out into the backyard with the old, moldy, and rotten food. So every time we went outside our spoons would be turned into RUSTY spoons and every time I went outside I always saw a rat  EATING the rusty spoons! Since I always saw the rat I just made it my pet and named it Rebecca Lyn Lea …. and I gave it a last name Rides Horse … I know she’s not a horse ….. Yeah yeah I know it’s a weird name for a rat. I could have named it Rebecca Rides Rat but I didn’t because that’s just weird.

But first let’s start at the beginning.                                                                                      

One day I was bored  . . . weird I’m usually never bored so I got up and went to go see my friend JayLa at her grandma’s house. I went over to pet her dog Roxy. She’s so CUTE!     I love dogs ……but anyway, back to the story. So I knocked on the door and JayLa let me in and I saw this poor rat stuck in a stick rat trap. I told JayLa I had to use the bathroom so I stood between the rat trap and JayLa so she couldn’t see what I was doing. I grabbed the sticky rat trap really fast but

not too fast I had to be careful so I didn’t get stuck too. So I grabbed it at the corner of the plastic. JayLa said, “What are you doing?” Then I said. “My leg’s  itchy, can’t I itch my leg when it’s itchy, or do I have to get permission from you first?” “ Um Okay.” Said JayLa. So after I grabbed the rat trap, and took it into the bathroom. I sat down on the floor,  ripped the rat off the sticky trap and it jumped out the window. What I heard must had been the most terrifying sound to ever . . . ROXY! Well to a rat, not to me I love dogs. I got up off the floor and flung myself forward. I nearly shot myself out the window and I saw Roxy CHASING after the rat!! But after a few minutes of them running around in circles I saw them disappear into the grass. I walked as fast as I could and out into  the living room. JayLa and I started visiting but I was trying to give her the hint that I was ready to leave. After a few minutes of talking what seemed like ……. Uh ...…. Um …..I don’t know …. FOREVER!! I went outside to go find the rat but it was too risky traveling through the grass. If I even tried to go through the grass there would be like a 78% chance that I would squish her or something else in the grass. You don’t even want to know what else is in THAT grass. So I just went inside and I…… for some reason I felt bad for a rat…. well because the little rat  has to go out into this big big world looking for food trying to survive, then getting kidnapped by JayLa, and getting chased by Roxy! So I went back to my house then went into my room when I got up and look out the window I saw the little rat was laying in the window seal SLEEPING! I was so ….. HAPPY!!!! I was so happy and tired from all of the excitement …… I went to sleep.

 The next morning I woke up because I heard a loud *THUD*. So I got up and ran down the hall by the stairs. I thought I was going so see the rat…but instead of a rat it was ...a human! I ran down the stairs and helped her up and we started laughing. We went to the kitchen to get some breakfast and my parents saw her and were questioning me up and down. The poor rat,[actually the rat was now a human but I didn’t know what to call her so yeah!] looked so scared but I just told my mom and dad that she was a friend who spent the night. Then they just went back to what they were doing. As soon as my parents turned around Rebecca dashed up stairs to my room…. and so did Queenie[If you don’t know who Queenie is,she is my baby sister her real name is Rosemond]. I ran up after them and were just sitting around the rat was, well I actually didn’t know what she was doing but I was thinking of a name. Then It came, Rebecca Lyn Lea Rides Horse! That was her name. So I said “Rebecca Your name is going to Rebecca ok? Ok!” Then out of nowhere Queenie said “BUGGA!’’ Rebecca and I laughed so hard! We almost cried but we didn’t almost just almost. “Are you trying to say Rebecca?” I said.  “ No! BUGGA.” replied Queenie. The next day I found Rebecca at the stairs… again. We went to get some breakfast after that good laugh. After breakfast we went to play outside where it was getting dark. Then we saw frog transfigure into a bird? I was really creepy so we ran back to my house. But after a while we got a wee bit of amnesia and forgot about it but we still remember our life story! We are now in fifth grade continuing our journey of life.

Story by Arianna:


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