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  Students that have been *identified as gifted are provided additional educational experiences to enrich achievement. 

Activities have included and are not limited to:

•  Using the scientific method, including experiments,  to explore questions and present findings to peers and judges.

•  Writing and photographing for articles published in the UTTC newsletter

•  Writing computer code to produce interactive programs

•  Presenting lessons to classmates

•  Contributing to the internal and external websites for the school

•  Recruiting and working with classmates to produce and share multimedia projects

* Referral for gifted services does not ensure placement. 


Student Made YouTube Videos

Motor Noise (must be a user to access)
  (must be a user to access)
Hairy Yogurt Mold
Science Fair

2019-2020 State Science Fair
TJES 2020 State Science
                              Fair participants.

The local 2018-2019 science fair with 20 projects presented was held on December 5, 2018.
The following are the award placements:

Grade 3 and 4
Grade 5 and 6      Grade 7    

1st place Sapphire
1st place (overall) Kingston 1st place Aaliyah

2nd place Arius
2nd place Saysia 2nd place Aiyanna

3rd place Kaisyn
3rd place Adin 3rd place Morgan

4th place Neveah
4th place Natasha

2018 2019 Local Science Fair
Local 2018 - 2019 Science Fair


state science fair
State 2017 - 2018 Science Fair

Hello my  name is Saysia. I went to the state science fair on January 15, Martin Luther Jr. King Day 2018. This photo show the kids that went to the state science fair from Theodore Jamerson Elementary School.  I'm going to tell you how it was at the state science fair. Well, at the state science fair there were a lot of kids.  There was less participants than last year. There were about a hundred projects.  My project was a  pump powered lava lamp. When I was inside it was awfully loud but I think most kids were just talking to their friends then explaining their projects.  It took a while for the judges to make sure they knew who had a place in the state science fair and to make sure they judged everyone. I wanted to talk to my friends but they were in a different categorize then me.  They were also far away and we couldn't stand. up unless the judges were still judging. It took a while. We were eating the snacks that Mr. Anderson gave us. 
In closing, I encourage more kids to come next year because it was fun. You can talk to your friends. You can make new friends, and I learned a lot. 

Congratulations to the Theodore Jamerson students for placing in the 35th annual North Dakota Native American State Science and Engineering Fair (NASSEF)

Saysia, 1st place
Kingston 1st place
Rita 2nd place

* All students in grades 4 - 7 have the opportunity to participate in the local and (if held) annual North Dakota Native American State Science and Engineering Fair (NASSEF). 
* Before the state competition, science club is held several school days a week from 3:15 to  4:15. 
* Science club offers a guided environment for students to select and develop their projects.
* Science club provides many (not all) supplies for projects. 
* Late bus service is provided for after school activities. 
* Students are free to select their own projects as long as their project conforms to ISEF rules and guidelines.  
* Lower grade students in the gifted program have participated and placed in the NASSEF.

2017 - 2018 Local Scinece
Local 2017 -2018 Science Fair

(2016-2017) State winners:

Kangisi (1st place)
K'Shalee (1st place)
Beau (2nd Place)

for placing in the 34rd annual North Dakota Native American State Science and Engineering Fair (NASSEF). 

The 2015 State Science Fair was held Jan 18, 2016 in the Ramkota, Bismarck ND. 

Local 2015-2016 Science Fair. 

Congratulations to State Science fair winners:

Evelyn (1st place)
Ashley (2nd place)
Isis (2nd place)

Makyla (3rd place)
Serenity (3rd place)

The following images are sample of 2015-2016 projects.
Collecting Magnetite
Extracting Oil LED Frog
Mechanical Hand
Solar Still
Crystal 2
Fire and Water Invisable Ink


The 32nd annual North Dakota Native American State Science and Engineering Fair was held on January, 19, 2015 in the Ramada Bismarck Hotel, Bismarck, N.D.

Participating in the following grades categories TJES sponsored one (grade 7) three (grade 4) and  two students that participated in the grade 3-4 category.   Madison in grade 7th grade took first place in his category for for his project Hydrophobic Spray.  In the 3-4 grades competition Kylalynn took 2nd place for her project DNA.

Kaylalynn noted:

"I'm glad I took 2nd place because I didn't want to take third place. It took a long time before the judges came out. It was fun to see others people's projects and they were cool. My favorite project was the lava lamp. I saw kids from different schools. The science fair was fun. The science fair was cool because you got to see who wins."

This is Kylalynn with her medal

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