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My name is Mr. Anderson. 

I have been a member of the TJES community for roughly thirty years and greatly appreciate the teaching and learning opportunities this student centered environment provides.                                    



For me the pursuit of demonstrable truth is paramount.  I use and promote the scientific method to evaluate truth claims and encourage others to explore the beauty of our natural world with an open and questioning mind.  I have found the best answers for many questions are, "I don't know. Let's find out."

Before returning to Bismarck I spent roughly a decade at Tate Topa school located on the Fort Totten Native American Reservation.  During that time through the friendship of several elders and other activities I developed a great appreciation for the cultural values and history of the Native American experience from a perspective taught by many who lived on the reservation. 

Over three decades ago during the interview for my first teaching job at Tate Topa, a respected elder woman from the school board asked me, " . . . .  How would you treat Native American students?"  I answered, "The same as any other student. With respect."  I have found this outlook a positive position to maintain.

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