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Congratulations Kindergarteners!
Thank you for a very exciting year!  I hope you enjoyed our end of the year celebrations.

Perfect attendance                                       Math awards              
awards                         awards
Pow Wow
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I can hardly wait to see you next fall!!!

We are at the end of another school year, but not the end of our learning.  Please look into summer school if you haven't already done so.  Statistics say kids lose an average of two months of learning during the summer vacation.  We have a number of kids that really took off in the last couple of months.  I would hate to see them lose what they worked so hard to gain.  Besides, summer school is less stressful than a regular school day.  It is half of a day of academics and half of a day of fun!  And it's FREE childcare!

Spring concert - In case you missed it, here is a little example of our buggy concert!
concert   concert   concert

Awards/Pow Wow Day
On Monday, we will be celebrating all our achievements with an awards ceremony and a Pow Wow.  Stop in and join us to honor your child! 

Super Slide Party
Tuesday we will be at the Super Slide Amusement Park for some fun and a picnic.  Watch for weather reports.  Send your child in layers if necessary.

Early Release
We will be releasing students at 1:30 on both Monday and Tuesday this week.

Happy Mother's Day!
I hope you all enjoyed your breakfast in bed!  To celebrate Mother's Day, we read Monster Mama.  The mom in this book is a monster who loves her little boy.  She stays out of sight so as not to scare his friends and teachers.  She also teaches him how to do all the things she can do, but to always use his powers for good, not evil.  One day she sent him to the store to get some strawberries so that they could make a strawberry dessert.  A couple of bullies came along and took his bag.  He tried to put a spell on them, but could not.  When the bullies tied him up and took his cap, Monster Mama heard the ruckus and came to the rescue.  She made the boys pick up the trash they had thrown on the ground and get her son's hat back, then she invited them to join them for dessert.  The boys all agreed that his mama was a very cool mom.  As a mom of four, I have felt like a monster mama many times.  However, seeing now, that my kids have all grown up to be very productive, responsible adults, I know that sometimes you just have to let the monster out - as long as your love goes with it!
Don't miss the music concert!!
The program will be on Thursday from 1:30-2:30.

MAPS testing
We will be testing on Tuesday and Wednesday of this week, so we are again asking you to make sure your kids get to bed and have a good breakfast.  These tests are long and tiring.  We need them to be able to stay focused through the whole thing.

Congratulations are in order!
A poster contest was held in health.  The students created posters that describe the Seven Sacred Teachings.  Charmaine won the kindergarten level!!  Congratulations to her!

Mini Relay For Life Complete
This week TJES will be performing our spring program.  You will be getting a note with the following picture on it.  Look closely.  On the bottom of the page it asks you to SIGN AND RETURN it.

 Mini Relay For Life
We will be joining the campus-wide Relay for Life March at 1:00 on Tuesday.  Our banner is made and pennies have been collected.  (But we'll take more if you have any to donate.)  We are ready!  Come out and support the Relay for Life March!

We have some beautiful weather coming!
This is when we usually start losing the attention of the kids.  I can't say I blame them, but we need them to hang in there for a couple more weeks.  I will do everything I can to make things interesting and keep them focused.  Please do what you can to get them here well rested.

One fun little thing I've found in the last couple of weeks...
I have a couple balls in the room that I used to use as chairs.  One morning, I had a very sleepy group of kids in the room, so I took a ball down for one student who was working very hard and let him sit on it.  Suddenly, they were all awake and working.  Now when we get through our morning work, I have a hard time picking which three were my leaders and get to sit on the balls.  The rest know that even if they didn't get the ball right away, they can steal it by working harder than those who earned them first.  Sometimes we have so many hard workers that we just have to switch off every so often.
ball  ball

Happy Easter!
We have had a lot of tired and sick kids these last couple of weeks.  I hope this long weekend will give everybody a chance to rest and recuperate. 


Another week done.
I was looking through the schedule for the rest of the year.  It's hard to believe how close we are to the end.  Especially, since we have two short weeks coming up, followed by a couple days set aside for the spring state assessment, a couple days set aside for the talent show, a field trip, a pow wow, RIF day and an awards ceremony, all in the last month!  It's going to be BUSY!  Please make sure your kids are still getting plenty of sleep so we can finish up strong!

We ended this week with a visit from Jerry Pallotta, a children's author from Boston, MA.  He has written many alphabet books, number books, shape books and informational texts.  Many of his books were written to get boys interested in reading, but our girls often enjoy them as much as the boys do.
  Mr. Pallotta started by telling us that although he writes mostly informational texts, since visiting a skeleton museum, he has thought about writing fiction.  He asked the students what they thought about a character with a human body and cougar skull for a head.  (The kifinds loved the idea!)

Then  he showed us how some of his books started and how they ended.  He also talked about doing research for his books.  In the picture to the right, he was showing us how a 1st grader would look if he had a killer whale fin on his back.

In t
he next picture, he was comparing a kindergartener to a bat.  We found batout that we have a great deal in common!                                                     
Later, Mr. Pallotta ask a group of kids to stand by the screen in the front of the room.  He held his projector and so that he could move the picture of the bee to chase the kids around the room and "sting" them.  I'm proud to say that the only student that didn't scream or run away was a KINDERGARTENER!!!

Spring is close,
but it hasn't arrived yet!  We have quite a few kids shivering through the morning and noon recesses.  Please make sure your kids are still dressed for the cold mornings.  Layers are great.  We can always remove a few if it warms up.

We had a bit of a Leprechaun invasion on Tuesday.  Unfortunately, we were unable to catch any of them or find their gold.  Maybe we'll be luckier next year.

Spring Break!
Enjoy a few days off!  Even the weather seems to be cooperating so get out and relax for awhile.  When we come back, we will be jumping right back into our very busy schedule, so enjoy some free time while you can.
TJES is participating in another fundraiser.  We are taking part in the Relay for Life along with UTTC.  Each class will be trying to raise a little money to help the cause, so if you have any spare pennies, nickels or dimes to throw in our jar, stop by or send them in with your child.  It's a biiiiiig jar!  We're going to need a lot of help to fill it.

We will also be having another field trip the first week we get back.  Ag Day will be held in Mandan on that Thursday, so we will be going to learn about cows, pigs, ducks, sheep, rabbit, chickens, horses and whatever else they have to teach us about!  Watch for pictures of all the excitement!

sign                 It's Reading Week!
March 2 is Theodor Geisel's birthday, which is why we celebrate Reading Week during the first week of March.  As a school, we will be celebrating by dressing up everyday.  In kindergarten, we will also be reading several Dr. Seuss stories and enjoying some activities that go with them.  This is always a fun week.  Check out the note on the left to get started.

to all the rest of you who made it to your conference this week.  It was good to see all of you and meet some of you for the first time.  Thank you for your time.

Mrs. Brazell's coming back!
We will be together for one more week, but will get back to some divided  classroom activities after spring break.

Back to a normal week.
For the first time in weeks, we will be back to a five day week without any parties, field trips or interruptions.  Well, the students will be.  I am taking off Friday to judge the State Gymnastic meet, but I have a sub coming in that I think the kids will be happy about.  He has been in our school before and the kids seem to really like him

We also have another set of parent/teacher conferences on Tuesday.  If you missed your conference last week, stop in Tuesday evening, any morning before school starts, after school, or call the office to reschedule.  A huge

to all of you who made it to your conference.  Life is so much easier when I don't have to track you down! 

Because of conferences, we will NOT be having after school groups on Tuesday.

Always something exciting!
playOn Monday, Feb. 16th, we will be celebrating President's Day, so we will not be having school!  Enjoy the day with your child!

Next Thursday, Feb. 19th will begin our parent/teacher conferences.  If you haven't already gotten a letter it will be coming soon.

Next Friday, we are having another field trip!  The culture committee has organized this trip for us to attend a play.  I really don't know anything about it other than what the flyer to the right tells us.  It looks like a lot of fun!

Later in the day, we will be celebrating with our 2nd Trimester Awards Day.

Check your child's backpack this week for more info on that.


Another Holiday (or 2) to look forward to!
Valentine's day is just around the corner.  I have all the information you need written out on a note that I forgot to pass out.  Sorry.  But here's what you need to know. -
We will be celebrating on Friday afternoon with treats, a movie, and the sharing of valentines.  If your child would like to bring valentines, please have them bring enough for 22 classmates.  Your child should sign each one so the others know who to thank.  The note mentioned above, with the names of all the students,
will be sent home next week.  You don't have to send bags or a box.  We will provide those.
We have already been asked about treats.  We will have a snack time, but as always, we usually have more than enough in the way of treats.  If you would like to add to that anyway, please keep it to something small, as we often see most of the treats in the garbage if we get too many.

The following Monday, Feb 16th
is President's Day, so we will not be having school.  But on the 19th we will be starting our parent/teacher conferences, so be looking for a letter on that this week.

A Few Reminders
It's Heart Health month!  Send in your spare change to help out with the fundraiserchange.

The next Family Night is coming up this week.  If you signed up watch for the note coming home.

On the Friday, the 6th of Feb., we will be taking a field trip to the Bismarck Gymnastics Academy to work on our heart health.  There are a few rules we have to be prepared for.      
1.  In order to participate, the kids can't be wearing pants with a zipper, snap, or button on the waist.  There is a locker room to change in if needed.
2.  Long hair needs to be in a braid or pony tail.
3.  Jewelry isn't allowed.
Your child MUST return a signed permission slip in order to participate.  Check his/her backpack or stop in the office for a copy.

Just a couple announcements.
On Wednesday, Jan. 28th, we are having a teacher in-service, which means your kids get a day off.  Hopefully, the weather will hold and you can all enjoy the day outside!

Because of the in-service on Wednesday, we will NOT have after-school activities on Tuesday.

The dental care mobile will be on campus this week.  If your children need dental care and you have not filled out the forms, dig through their backpacks, fill out the forms and return them right away.

Welcome baby Addison!!
Mrs. Brazell had a beautiful baby girl on Wednesday morning.  The kids have been missing her and asking where she is so this is her reason for being gone.  We have a couple of weeks without her, but we have others filling in and a lot of excitement planned, so tell them all to hang in there.  She will be back!
Almost back to a regular school day.
With all the new kids coming in last week, life felt really chaotic.  We were scrambling to find desks, chairs, school supplies and all the paperwork that's needed for a new student.  This week was much more calm in that area, but then we had teachers missing due to illness, so we were scrambling again to get areas covered.  A big THANK YOU to all those who jumped in to help out with kindergarten. 

No more chaos!!  It's time to get back to a nice, quiet, normal week of school.  That being said, this next week is going to be anything but normal.  But at least we are prepared for it so hopefully we can have the "nice, quiet" part.  On Monday, school will be out early so that we can celebrate MLK day.  (Ask your kids about him.  We talked about MLK this week.)  Then on Friday, we are celebrating our 100th day of school - always an exciting day in kindergarten!

Happy New Year!!
I hope you all enjoyed the break!  I was impressed with how many of the kids came back ready to work.  It usually takes a day or two to get back into the swing of things, but most of them seemed to pick up right where we left off without too much trouble.  The cold made things a little difficult.  We haven't been able to get out to get some fresh air or to get our wiggles out.  Plus, we've added a couple new students, so the classroom is a bit crowded.  Thankfully, the kids are adjusting beautifully and showing a lot of patience as we stop to introduce our new students to our old procedures and help them learn their way around TJES.

This next week we will be completing our second round of MAPS testing.  Please do whatever you can to get your children rested and get them a good breakfast.  (Breakfast at the cafeteria begins around 7:45)  This is a loooong two day test that they all need to complete.  Thanks for your help!

Wishing you all a very Merry and Restful
And looking forward to seeing everybody back in 2015!

Cold and flu season has arrived.
The Kindergarten class has been hit hard.  We have had quite a few kids really suffering.  We are practicing our healthy habits, but seem to be losing the battle and we don't want to see anybody having a lousy Christmas vacation because of a cold or flu.  Please help us out.  1. Remind your kids to wash, wash, and wash some more! Help us get them into the habit of getting rid of those germs rather than sharing them.  2. Stick a tissue, or two, or three, into their pockets so they have them when they need them.  In the classroom, we have them available, but when they go outside or to lunch, there's not usually anything available.  3. Remind them that it isn't healthy to chew on pencils, glue sticks and other shared supplies that don't get cleaned everyday.  4. And of course, help us work on covering our mouths when sneezing or coughing, or at least, turn away.  We see kids sneezing right into other peoples' lunches and every once in awhile we hear, "Oooh, gross!  He sneezed right in my face1"  We understand that sometimes a sneeze sneaks up on you, but let's keep working on catching that sneeze in a tissue, a shirt collar, an elbow or at least turn away from friends.

On a cheerier note(s)
Congratulations to Gabriel!  He earned a Pizza Hut pizza for reading and returning 10 books this month.  You have one more week to get them in.  It doesn't matter when they came home.  Just read, sign and return 10 of them for your child's pizza.

Thursday will be a day of celebrating.  We will be having RIF (Reading is Fundamental) Day in the afternoon.  Each child will be able to choose a new book to keep FOREVER. 

We will also be celebrating with our Christmas party.  WE WILL NOT HAVE A GIFT EXCHANGE, but we will be making gingerbread cookies, eating and relaxing!  We will also have our regular healthy school snack, so please don't feel you have to send anything.  All we need is your child.

Another holiday, just around the corner.
That means a few extra events coming up.  Thursday, December 11, the class will be performing in the TJES Christmas Concert.  The program is scheduled for 1:30.  We hope to see you there. 

On Thursday, December 18th we will be having RIF day and on Friday, December 19th we will have an early dismissal.  We will also be having a classroom Christmas party, but plans have not been finalized yet.  Watch for more information on these 3 events later. 

70 days done! 
When I was young, my mom used to say, "Time flies when you're having fun."  I never understood what she was talking about.  No matter how busy we were, or how much fun we were having the days seemed to reeeeeeally draaaag  along.  Especially when I was looking forward to something.  When I got to college, I started understanding.  All of a sudden, there wasn't enough time to do all the things that I wanted to do.  It seemed like time was speeding up immensely.  Then, I had a family and started working.  Somehow time sped up even more.  As I've aged, it seems to continue to speed up every year.  I'm sure the kids are saying, "Only 70 days done.", but my mind is saying "Only 100 days left!  So much to do and so little time!!"  I don't know about the kids, but I am having SO MUCH FUN!!
December is going to fly by.  With the extra activities, celebrations, and concert, we will be very busy.  So please continue to do what you can to see that they are well rested.  Also, we still have kids coming to school in light weight jackets when the temperature is very low.  Please, see to it that they are dressed appropriately before sending them off in the morning.

Thanksgiving is coming.
Wednesday will be a short day.  We will be dismissing at noon.  Have a great Thanksgiving!

It's that time of year!
The snow is here along with the low temps.   We've already had complaints of fingers stinging from the cold.  We did have some gloves and hats to share with your children, but I think they have all been claimed, so we don't have anymore to offer.  Please be sure your child is dressed appropriately for the weather.
Look at our sweet girls!  Getting all those clothes tied, zipped, snapped and buttoned can be difficult, but a good friend can help to make life easier.

Awards Day
On Friday, we celebrated our first trimester awards.  Charmaine, Chiefy and Keoni all received attendance awards for being in school on time every single day.  Congratulations to each of them!! 

And a big Thank You.
To all that made it in for the conferences, thank you for taking the time.  On Tuesday, we will meet with the rest of you.  If you can't make it at your scheduled time, stop in whenever you can or call to reschedule. 

Keep in mind, there are no after school activities on Tuesday because of the conferences.  We will be back to our regular schedule starting with our Thursday Science club.

Just a few notes.

* No School on Tuesday due to Veteran's Day
* No after school activities for kindergarten this week
* Parent Teacher conferences on Thursday, Nov. 13 and Tuesday, Nov. 18

And a little excitement!
This week we had some visitors from Ely, Mn.  They showed us pictures and told us about dog sledding all the way to the north pole.  It sounded like quite an amazing adventure.

dog  og
  dog  dog  dog

TJES held a RED RIBBON walk to remind us to say "No" to drugs and alcohol.  It was a chilly day, but we enjoyed gathering with the other grades for the walk and chants!
walk walk walk walk walk


tt  tt  tt

And it was RIF day!
  RIF is an acronym for Reading Is FUNdamental!  The local Kiwanis organization sponsors our school by donating a huge variety of books three times a year.  The kids all go to pick out any book that they want to keep FOREVER!  If you know any Kiwanis members, please thank them for their time and effort.

 We had an exciting week at TJES!
On Tuesday, we attended a full school assembly to talk about fighting bullying!  Each student pledged to not bully others, received an orange ribbon, got to see Thunder and enjoyed a couple of skits to help know what to do if they or anybody else is bullied.
no no no

On Thursday, we enjoyed the CHILD FIND Carnival!  We had a LOT of fun playing all kinds of games!
cf cf cf cf cf cf
cf cf cf cf cf cf
 cf cf cf cf cf 
Halloween is coming soon!
On Friday, we will be celebrating Halloween at TJES.  The students may wear their costumes to school if they are comfortable doing so.  If not, we will be changing into costumes after lunch.  We will trick-or-treat throughout campus, so please have your child wear shoes that they can walk in for a long distance.  When we return to our classroom, we will be having some snacks.  If you would like to send snacks, please send enough for 20 students, but don't feel that you have to bring anything.  We get enough treats during our walk to fill us up!

 Just one quick reminder.
Each week, I send several books home with a sticker attached that reads "I read to my ____".  If your child returns 10 in one month with the signature of the person he/she read to, I'll send a Pizza Hut certificate home for a free personal pan pizza.  We already have three boys who have earned their pizzas.  Congratulations to Chiefy, Gabriel and Billy!  We still have two weeks for everybody else to get theirs signed and returned!

Let's try that again! 
We were able to reschedule our field trip!  We will be trying again on Friday, Oct. 17th.  We are hoping for much better weather, but please watch the forecast and have your child ready for that day.

A couple of notes:
1.  Library books are now being sent home.  Please remember that they are due back on Friday every week. 

2.  Up to this point, most of the paperwork we've done has been done together.  We will now be having your children doing more on their own.  If you get a paper with TIC written on the top, it was done "Together in class".  Not all the papers we do together will be marked in this way, but if we want you to know that your child was helped on something in particular, it will be labelled.

3.  On Oct. 8, we will have the fire safety house on campus.  The firemen will talk to our kids about what to do if they were ever caught in a fire.  Then, we go into a small bedroom in the fire safety house.  They fill it with fake smoke so the kids can see what it actually looks like in a fire.  They are taught to check the door, which will be warm, so they have to crawl to the window and get out.  They then go to a phone to practice dialing 911.  In order for your child to participate, you MUST sign the PERMISSION FORM which was sent home today.  Please check backpacks and get those forms returned before Wed.

4.  Our field trip was cancelled because the wild and crazy wind.  We are working on rescheduling.  Please watch for more information later.

This Week's News 
Item # 1
We are almost into October, so we are starting our Pizza Hut Reading incentive program.  Watch for books with a sticker that says "I read with my______".  Please sign and return any of these booklets that your child reads to you.  When I get ten back in one month, your child will receive a certificate for a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut.
Remember, we are just going through a quick introduction of the letters, so we don't expect your child to read every word on every page.  Most of them will be retelling rather than truly reading, but that's ok.  Right now, we are working on touching the words as they read to help them figure out what reading is really all about and to look at the pictures for clues.  They are getting really good at that.  Finally, we are looking at the letters to see if the word matches what we think the picture is.  For instance, if we see a picture of an item of clothing that is worn on our upper body, we need to look at the letters to figure out if the word says t-shirt, coat, jacket, vest, or sweater.  We may not know the whole word, but beginning letters can tell us a lot!

 Item #2
On Friday, October 3, we will be taking our first field trip of the year.  K-3rd are going to Papa's Pumpkin Patch!  We don't need anything from you, except to watch for the weather.  We've had years of sunshine and warmth and others where we were freezing out there.  We want your child to be dressed appropriately, so that they can enjoy the trip.  When in doubt go with layers.  We can unwrap a few if we need to, but it's miserable to not have enough. 


One Big Happy Family!
We are officially one class!  The MAPS testing kept us from adding the RTI section of our day to our schedule this week, but that will be included in next weeks afternoons.  At that time, we will be dividing the class into 3 groups so that we can work more intensely on our reading and math.

Big News
Due to our numbers being lower than normal and the mix of kids that came into kindergarten, we are going to redo the setup of our classes.  Starting on Monday, September 15th, Mrs. Brazell and I are going to be co-teaching for most of the day.
The students will start the day in their regular classrooms, but then we will combine them all into one class at 9:30.  In this way, we will be able to group the students into small groups that better meet their needs for different parts of the day.  This will allow us to give individual attention to those that need it throughout the day.  It will also allow us to continue with large group instruction when we are pulling individual kids for testing and assessments.   Also, Miss Williams will join us to help during the most intense work times during the day.
  During P.E., Music, Library, Counseling and Health, they will still be in 2 groups so that the class is more manageable for 1 teacher.

                        Other Important Notes

*  On Sept. 16th and 17th, we will be taking the MAPS test.  Please be sure your child gets a good nights rest the night before and a good breakfast those mornings.  (The cafeteria serves breakfast from 7:45-8:15.)  It's a looooong test and they will need a lot of energy to be able to focus that long.

*  Get those ALL ABOUT ME posters back soon.  I would like to get those wrapped up this week.  If you need a couple more days let me know so that I can leave a spot for your child.

*  Our after school groups begin this week!  The Thur. class is full, but if you got a note about staying on Tues., we need the note back

This is always an exciting week at TJES.  The students get excited about going to the pow wow.  They start telling us about who likes to dance, who has regalia and for those who have it, we often hear about who made it for them.  And of course everybody is excited about an extra day off from school!

In class, we started learning about our senses.  This goes great with the pow wow, because there's not much more stimulating than the sights, sounds, tastes, smells and depending on the weather, feel of the pow wow.  This weekend has been perfect.  I hope you all had time to take in at least part of this beautiful celebration.

An Apology
(or two, or three)
If you came to the open house, I told you that I would be using this website for my communication with you.  I also told you that I would post pictures of our activities if I could remember to take pictures.  Well, this week I had the camera out on my desk all week, but rarely remembered to use it.  I'll try to do better next week.

Also with the week being shorter than normal, it got away from me and I forgot to send the Nurtured Heart notes home.  Look for them on Monday.  I will have them out then.

Then I sat down to update this site on Friday and couldn't get onto it to do the update.  Don't give up on me yet!  That one was the internet's fault, not mine.  I try to get on here on Friday evenings, but there may be weeks that you need to check back  later in the weekend.  Thanks for your patience.

Meet the Teacher:
Welcome to TJES Kindergarten!

My name is Mrs. Meyer.  Mrs. Brazell and I teach kindergarten at TJES with the help of a very talented group of intervention specialists, aides
 and other classroom teachers.  Together we are able to offer small group and individual attention when it is needed which helps our students achieve
 a great amount of success.

Here's my story
I am the fourth of 12, so I've been
helping with "the little ones" for as
long as I can remember.

My husband and I have four young
adults, one son-in-law and...

one grandbaby!
When my kids were young, I worked as a gymnastics coach so that I could be a stay-at-home mom most of the day.  8 1/2 years ago, I decided it was time to get a full-time job and started teaching here at TJES.  I am honored that you allow me to be your child's teacher and thank you for the trust you give me each day that you send your child into my classroom.  If you ever have any questions, concerns or comments, please feel free to contact me asap at school, or stop in before or after class.  We want all our students to feel safe and comfortable in our school.

Our schedule usually looks like this -





Thursday Friday

8:25 – 8:55  

Flag, Greeting & Morning Meeting



PE Music



Flag, Greeting & Morning Meeting

Flag, Greeting & Morning Meeting

Flag, Greeting & Morning Meeting Flag, Greeting & Morning Meeting


Reading Core

Reading Core

Reading Core

Reading Core Reading Core


Recess & Lunch  PLC

Recess & Lunch

Recess & Lunch Duty

Recess & Lunch Recess & Lunch Duty


Calendar/ Writing

Calendar/ Writing

Calendar/ Writing

Calendar/ Writing

Calendar/ Writing


Math Core

Math Core

Math Core

Math Core Math Core





Recess Recess









1:40-2:10 Library







2:10-2:20 Snack    Art

Wrap up & Pack up


Wrap up & Pack up

Wrap up &Pack up

Wrap up & Pack up

Wrap up & Pack up Flag & Prayer

The Nurtured Heart Approach

The Nurtured Heart Approach is a classroom management technique that I have been using for the past two years.  This technique is all about using positive reinforcement and building self-esteem when a child is showing his/her greatness, rather than pointing out all the mistakes made each day.  When a child realizes they can already do so many things well and that they can get the attention of others by doing good things, they 
have less need for the negative attention that we often see young children seeking.

 If a rule is broken, the student is simply asked to "reset", which means he/she needs to stop and think about what mistake was made and how to fix it.  Most students can do this without adult supervision so I have more time in the classroom to teach and they develop better self-esteem.  Of course, if the child does continue to make poor choices, there are still consequences, however, since using the Nurtured Heart Approach, I have seen fewer problem behaviors in my classroom. 

I will be sending notes home every so often to let you know what kind of greatness your child is showing in school.  But don't forget to watch for his/her greatness at home too.  They love to hear that they are showing perseverance, gratitude, respect, self-control, bravery, intelligence, organization, etc.  It's exciting to be identified with such big, important words!!

The supply list is available in the stores.  Please do not send more than what is on the list.  When students bring extra things it causes several problems.  First, kindergarteners don't usually have strong organization skills, so all those supplies make it difficult to keep things in order.  When it's time to find something in their desks, it takes way too long, if it is full of "stuff".  Next, the extras become something special because nobody else has them, so when something gets lost (and they often do) it can be very upsetting.  Finally, when a child is asked to color a picture red, and they use a marker instead of a color, it often bleeds through so the back of the paper can't be used.  Also, those that use red-orange instead of red keep us guessing about whether or not they actually know their colors.  For these reasons, if your child brings extra supplies, I will send them back home and hope that they will continue their learning there.

         Checking Backpacks
PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE check your child's backpack EVERY day(If your child doesn't have a backpack, he/she will be bringing home a plastic bag.)  There are very few days that you won't find something new in there.  Most days he/she will be bringing home things that we've done in school.  You don't have to spend hours discussing it.  Just check it out and let your child know that you are proud of all the learning that is happening.  This is especially important, if he/she brings home a paper that was difficult.  Those days are frustrating, and your child needs to know that those papers may cause trouble today, but with a little practice it will become easier.

We also send home many notes about special events that you and/or your child are invited to attend.  Sometimes permission slips need to be signed, before your child is allowed to attend a special field trip.  Other notes involve after school programs that are limited in number.  If your child doesn't return the note within a day or two, it is often too late.

Finally, watch for the booklets that have a sticker on them that says, "I read to my____".  When these come home, your child is expected to read them to whomever they choose.  After the booklet has been read, the listener signs the sticker so that your child can return the booklet for a small prize.  From October through March, your child can earn a personal pan pizza from Pizza Hut for each month in which he/she returns 10 signed booklets. 

Once we get started, I usually send 3-5 booklets home each week.  They don't have to be returned by any certain date.  Just sit down and enjoy some snuggle time with your child for awhile.  After the booklets come home the second time, I suggest you find a container, perhaps a shoe box, to store them in.  By the end of the school year, your child will have a small library of books that they can read by themselves.

Don't miss our
Tuesday, Aug 26

Watch for our STAR STUDENT posters to be coming home on Monday.  Your child can fill it out alone or you can help.  Sometimes we get them back with crayon drawn pictures.  Other times they have all kinds of embellishments.  Once I got one that I was very tempted to keep, because I'm quite sure whoever helped complete it will someday be a famous artist and it will be worth a lot of money, but I did return it.  You don't have to put that much work into it.  Just have fun spending some time with your child!
When the poster is completed, send it back to school.  The first one to bring one back will be our first star student.  We will continue in the order that they are returned.  I would like to have all the students done within the next two weeks. 

P.S. - If you don't have a pet, you can leave that spot empty or fill it in with a wished for pet.

The following posters, by Mrs. Ashley Nichols at The Polka Dot Patch, are visuals I use in the classroom to help the students remember our rules.  We review these rules, with actions, almost everyday during our morning meeting.  By the end of the first week of school, EVERYBODY knows our rules.  Then it's just a matter of remembering to follow them - even in those emotionally energized moments.  Sometimes that's difficult so we keep practicing all year long.

As you walk through TJES, you will find these posters.  They have been provided by the behavior committee to remind all our students of what is expected of them.


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