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Care Mobile
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We’ve explored the Ronald McDonald Care Mobile.

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We now realize it's not SCARY. The dentists love the hugs from kids. They enjoy helping kids keep their teeth healthy. There are 3 women and 1 man to help the kids.
They all have a wonderful career. They have lots of supplies only for teeth. Some people don’t like dentists.  Some do. It took 10 years to get the care mobile.   Oh my goodness! Ten years. That’s a lot of years.  I think that it's really hard to be a pro at being a dentists.

"We all really like what we do.  We help people.  We get hugs from kids all the time".  Said Karey the dental hygienist. 
Dr. Christy Peterson is from Chicago.   She had to go to school four more years after  4 years of college to become a dental Doctor.
Karey Elsenearth is the dental hygienist.  She is from Bowman ND and had to go to another two years after college.  Her school is very rigorous and competitive.   She is a dental hygienists because she enjoys teaching children how to take care of their teeth.
They do referrals but do not do braces or spacers.  They also don’t do root canals and anything serious.  They want a specialist to do stuff like that.  They say “sip all day get decay”

They wear masks and gloves so they don’t spread germs.   If you ever wonder where the dentist smell comes from it comes from the chemicals they use to wipe down their counters so they don’t spread germs.

We asked a college student who was a patient how you would rate the dental care and she said, “A perfect ten.”
The Care Mobile is here because our school qualifies.  The Ronald McDonald Health program took about ten years to get the Care Mobile.    The Care Mobile only goes in western North Dakota.  They go where the lunch program has 50% or more free lunches.  

If you have healthy teeth you can have a healthy body.  A lot of kids have sick teeth.  
The dentist and hygienists help keep the teeth of kids from 0 to 21 years old healthy.   They paint fluoride on your teeth to make the minerals better.  They take pictures of your mouth to see if you have cavities or not.  Then let you see the picture and they try to take care of your cavities.  If it is your baby teeth, you don’t need to worry about it. If you eat tooooo much candy you'll get bad teeth.   
By:  Kianna, Evelyn, and  Monica
Grade 5

Winter 2013 - 2014

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