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The following changes have been implemented by the TJES School Board on November 14, 2017:

TJES Recess Policy

Outdoor recess is a part of each child’s day at TJES. When temperatures become such that scheduled outdoor play is not safe, recess will be shortened or held indoors.


The following guidelines have been established for safe and healthy outdoor play.




         At or Above 0 degrees (wind chill)

Regular Outside Recess

        Below  (wind chill)

Recess Indoors

(Parents not wanting their child to have outdoor play based on these guidelines must submit a signed and dated request each day that no outdoor time is being requested. Notes will be filed and collected by the office staff.)


If a student does not have proper cold weather clothing, this matter will be brought to the attention of the TJES social worker and resolved on an individual basis.  


Links for Parents

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2017 - 2018 Family Handbook

2017 Parent Meeting

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2016-2017 ESSA Feedback

School Board Meeting Notes

2016 Fall Parent Meeting information

Registration Information  

• Bullying Policy is included in the student packets. 
Packets can be picked up when you register your child.

2015 Compliance Report  

Title VII Parent Rights 

Parental Directive:
A student's parent may direct the school district in which the student is enrolled not to administer to the student any state test or state assessment reqired in accordance with section 1.1-21-08.

1. Each school district shall post the Department of Public Instruction's Parental Directive form on its website
   and make the form available to a parent, upon request.

2. The form may be used for the ND State Assessments
     (Language Arts, Math, and Science), as well as ND Alternate Assessments and local interim assessments.
     and interim assessments.  It is the school's responsibiility to inform parent o fthe interrim assessments used. 
     They will need to type this assessment under "other."

3. The Parent directive does not apply to:

     • Any test or assessment requited by the school district or the state for the completion of any grade
        from kindergarten through twelve;
     •  Any test or assessment required by the student's school district or the state for high school graduation;
     • The ACT or
     • WorkKeys assessments.

4. A parental directive is valid only if it is presented to the school district using the standardized form,
  prepared b he Department of Public Instruction, and signed by te student's custodial parent.

5. One form must be completed for each student for each individual assessment.  A parental directive is valid
   only until the conclusion of the school year in which it  is received by the school district. 

6. A parental directive submitted to a  school district in accordance in this section must be retained as part of
    the student's educational record. 

7. A tthe time and in the manner directed by the superintendent of publick insructin, each school district
    shall provide a report regarding:
• The number of parental directives received;
• The number of parental directives applicable to students who are economically disadvantaged,
   students from major racial and ethnic groups, students with disabilities, and students with limited English proficiency; and
• Any loss of funding stemming from the parental directives.

8. A school district is not liable for any consequences incurred b a student as a result of  a parental directive submitted in
  accordance with this section.

9.  A school district is not required to provide instruction or activities for a student during the administration of any
  tests or assessment referenced in the parental directive submitted by the student's parent.

Click here to download a copy of the Parental Directive.



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